Insomnia and cinema etiquette

This is what I’ve ended up doing late at night when I can’t sleep due to an evil combination of cold and back pain. The right shoulder actually. It was bugging me all afternoon so I took a painkiller and went to bed early. Now the pill has worn off and I’m awake at 4am starting a blog without anything in particular to say. That’s why I called it ravespot, cause that covers just about anything.

The last rave I had was a few hours ago over a movie. “Incendiary” starring Michelle Williams and Ewan McGregor. Anyone seen it? Don’t bother. Dreadful rubbish full of pointless flashbacks. It reminded me of  Scorsese’s “Shutter Island”  which I saw last night in the local cinema (a germ infested ice-box where I probably caught my cold). But whereas “Incendiary” was plain stupid, “Shutter Island” was an intriguing psycho-thriller with strong performances by Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley. Very heavy. Not everyone’s cup of tea, with constant flashbacks to death camps and dead children. Probably not one for a first date.

Anyone else wondered why cinemas always have to be so cold? My experience last night wasn’t helped by the guy next to me. The place was almost empty so I put my bag on the adjacent seat. This guy walks in and follows his seat number like a robot to the spot where I’d put my bag, then asks me to move it so he can sit down. He’s got the whole cinema to choose from but he wants me to move my bag so he can sit right next to me. I muttered something about sitting ‘over there’ and wagged my finger down the isle and he got the message and sat a few seats away. But then he proceeded to snort back phlegm at regular intervals throughout the movie. At first I thought it was just a one-off, but it continued every minute or two, big probing hacks from the back of his throat followed by a cough. I was going to tell him to be quiet or leave but it was so bad I figured he must have been disabled or something. Pretty bad cinema etiquette, all the same. It didn’t completely ruin the movie but I did feel like strangling him a few times and caught myself wishing he’d drown in his own voluminous snot. Should I have said something to him?

The birds are singing now, which is a joyful sound to wake up to but something quite sorrowful to hear if you’ve been up half the night with a runny nose and a kinked neck. Sitting at this computer ain’t gonna help.


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