Clarkson ignores tobacco threat to fans

US pop singer Kelly Clarkson has vowed to go ahead with her Jakarta show, ignoring pleas for her to do the right thing and cancel it to avoid any more children becoming tobacco addicts as a result of her cigarette promotion. Thatta girl Kelly!

In a masterpiece of hypocrisy, the former “American Idol” claims she is a victim in the scandal that has erupted over ads for her April 29 show in Jakarta bearing her face beneath the logo of her cigarette sponsor.

To sum up her argument, she was too ignorant and unprofessional to give a damn about who was paying for the gig, so that absolves her of all responsibility. And she claims that she must go ahead with the show for the benefit of her fans, the same kids she’s encouraging to get hooked on lethal cigarettes. Nice logic, Kelly.

You can read her whole bizarre statement here, but essentially it’s this:

I was not made aware of this (tobacco sponsorship) and am in no way an advocate or an ambassador for youth smoking. I’m not even a smoker, nor have I ever been… This is a lose-lose situation for me and I am not happy about it but the damage has been done and I refuse to cancel on my fans. I think the hardest part of situations like this is getting personally attacked for something I was completely unaware of and being used as some kind of political pawn.

Poor Kelly, how terribly unjust for anyone to accuse you of being an ambassador for youth smoking, even though that’s exactly what you are. Actually “ambassador” might not be the right metaphor in this case, more like a cheerleader.

It’s even more shameful that she’s doing it in Indonesia, where tobacco companies are given unfettered access to children thanks to corruption and the absence of effective controls. The result is booming rates of smoking, including among teenagers. There’s very little education about the health risks of smoking and the extremely powerful tobacco lobby resists every attempt to bring Indonesia in line with international norms on the issue.

So Clarkson is playing right along with the tobacco companies’ plans to get as many local kids hooked on cigarettes as they can before Indonesia gets its act together and cracks down on the industry like most other countries.

(Photo courtesy of vagueonthehow via flickr)


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