Kelly Clarkson tickets? No thanks

Someone dropped a couple of tickets to tonight’s Kelly Clarkson concert in Jakarta on my desk this afternoon. Can’t say I’m very tempted to check out the former “American Idol” after her pathetic excuse for an excuse about how she allowed tobacco sponsors to use her image to sell cigarettes to children.

I hope someone I know goes, however, so I can keep an eye on the tobacco marketing at the gig and whether the pop singer has any words of wisdom to her young fans about the evils of smoking. It would be the least she could do after the damage she has already done by allowing her billboards and TV ads to carry large logos for cigarettes. She did the right thing and dropped the tobacco labelling, but by then it was a little too late. And she made herself look worse than silly by claiming ignorance about who was sponsoring her show.

I’m sure that won’t stop the tobacco companies, though. Maybe the purveyors of death will be handing out cancer sticks to children in her audience. Will Kelly stop them if they do?

(Photo courtesy of US Navy via Creative Commons)


One response to “Kelly Clarkson tickets? No thanks

  1. Ya… too bad. Why should it be tobacco company who always give big share for musical concerts? Disappointing. Well.. I’m not a big fan of Kelly Clarkson anyway, and surely not a smoker, so I won’t even tempted to buy any cigarette just becoz of her image 😉

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