News agency reports Noah’s Ark claims without question

So much for a journalist’s eye for a tall tale. Or maybe some of them are so desperate to be “culturally sensitive” they bury their better instincts.

The French news agency AFP was one of the first this week to report the Hong Kong evangelists’ claims to have found Noah’s Ark on Mt Arafat in Turkey. It did so without a single nod to those who believe the ark story to be one of the more ridiculous tales of the Bible.

The agency’s story also makes no mention of all the other times the ark has supposedly been found. Instead, it quotes the Chinese Christians saying that Turkish officials will ask UNESCO to preserve the site “while a major archaeological dig is conducted”. Um, so we’re expected to trust these religious freaks to accurately inform us what the Turkish government and UNESCO are going to do in response to their crazy discovery. I don’t think so.

And is there a single serious archaeologist on the planet who would be seen dead leading a “major” dig looking for Noah’s Ark on Mt Arafat?

(Image courtesy of UC Berkeley via Creative Commons)


One response to “News agency reports Noah’s Ark claims without question

  1. Your bias precedes your understanding, every major dig requires protocol to secure a site. A press conference is typical followed by the usual artifacts to begin the process. You don’t ask the science committee for their opinion or permission. UNESCO will typically back off and cave under the pressure from humanist foundations & grant contributors, major universities, secular societies. Not to worry, your unbelief is secure, you will always have the masses standing with you to mock just as they did in the days of Noah. Oh, BTW, 175 million people have died as a direct result of atheistic, humanistic and God rejecting philosophies in the last 100 years, I don’t think religion is the problem here. . ignorance is.

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