‘Miracle cat’ sends Indonesia a message from God

God certainly moves in mysterious ways – if you believe in him, that is.

A lot of Indonesian Muslims seem to believe that God has decided to send them a message in the form of a “miracle” inscribed in a cat’s fur – the Arabic script for “Allah”.

Emeng the 'miracle cat' - pretty freaky

Pictures of the cat surfaced on the web last month after its proud owner apparently posted them on facebook, which is where I found this example. Does it make you tremble with the divine presence of the Almighty?

One thing the believers do not seem to be asking themselves is exactly what God is trying to say by inscribing his name on a cat. Could he not have inscribed the chemical formula for a new, clean energy source to save us from global warming? Or maybe just the meaning of life?

No. He wrote “Allah”. That’s like someone called Bob scratching “Bob” on a tree trunk, just to let everyone know he’d been there. Except Allah has supernatural powers so he chose to dye a cat instead, just because he could.

And why a cat? Surely a mountainside or a cloud would be more God-like, no? If it must be a feline, I would have thought a lion or a Sumatran tiger would have been more Allah’s style. He might have actually achieved something by raising awareness about tiger conservation, instead of just showing off how good he is by posting his moniker on a moggy.

People are reportedly offering hundreds of dollars to buy the cat but the owner is refusing to budge. I assume poor little Emeng, God’s furry messenger, will be slaughtered very soon because it has become an object of idolatry.


8 responses to “‘Miracle cat’ sends Indonesia a message from God

  1. To me it sounds as if people are ‘matrixing.’ From what little I know, ‘matrixing’ is seeing an object and the minds natural ability to create an image out that object; people seeing what they want to see. Personally I just see an orange cat, but maybe I just need new glasses.

  2. God already state clearly about the meaning of life in the Quran. We don’t know what is crossing in the God’s mind.. 🙂
    Nice posting.

  3. this is so funny! i’m agree with you!

  4. amazing, i like your blog…

  5. Please spend your days more with Indonesian people. Speak their language. Live with them. Love what they love, and hate what they hate. Look deeper. Feel deeper of Indonesian heartbeat. Once you’ve done that, you won’t ever be able to have the way of thinking that made you write this essay.

  6. the cat’s motif is called tabby blotched^^

  7. There are many samples of it in nature. Clouds that formed the lafadz Allah, honey on bee hives, fishes, tree that “write” the lafadz Allah by its branches, even further the lafadz syahadat made by groups of trees on a pathway in a garden. The nature all are reciting the Al Mighty’s name by their own way. Now, look at ourselves. As human, have we always recite his name and remember Him all the time?

  8. Very interesting. And I like what batikmania said above, too:

    “As human, have we always recite his name and remember Him all the time?”

    The Christian Bible has a lot to say about God’s name and it’s power.

    “The name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run to it and are safe.” (Proverbs 18:10), for instance.

    I’m going to pray that God will write name on my heart. (and I’ll throw in a good word for you both, as well 🙂 )


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