On business, social media and new eras…

Former New York Times journalist-turned social media marketing guru Thomas Crampton speaks on the “dawn of the social media era”. Apparently we’re only getting started and you’re already involved whether you like it or not. Kind of scary if you’re a shy, retiring type like me!

Lest we think that social media is all about “personalising” the web – as Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg likes to say – this is a reminder that companies see it as just another way to make you buy stuff you probably don’t want.

And in case anyone thought that blogs were just the independent thoughts of free agents, think again.

I’m not anti-advertising. I’m pro-privacy, but I guess I’m just realising rather late in the game that there’s no such thing as privacy online, especially not in our consumer societies.

Is there any independence, either? Of course there is, but it sounds like it will get harder and harder to find.


One response to “On business, social media and new eras…

  1. Nice comments. I think you make some great comments. I wonder if there is a second digital divide taking place between those who use social media and those who do not.

    It turns out that Facebook users tend to use the Internet 3 times more per day than non-Facebook users.

    What is interesting about this data is that it is NOT age-specific. In other words, there are some younger people and older people who are equally reluctant to get involved in Social Media. It is a choice people are making.

    What will be interesting to see is what impact this has over time.

    As for valuing privacy and putting things online: ANYTHING you put online, whether in Facebook or on a blog, should be considered public.

    Use the Postcard rule: Anything you post online or write on a postcard will be read by anyone.

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