Sock it up, Mr. Ambassador

The new US ambassador cuts a dashing figure as he visits Indonesia’s main mosque – and the largest in Southeast Asia – in a nice new batik shirt and a pair of fetching black socks:

Judging by the glowing faces, it was a day of genuine religious love and tolerance by all. This was the propaganda photo released by the US embassy. Seriously, is that the best they could do?

Is this what Obama was looking for when he asked the ambassador to spearhead his outreach to Southeast Asia’s Muslims?

The embassy informs us that Ambassador Scott Marciel is being accompanied by Professor Ali Mustafa Yaqub (left), the Grand Imam of Istiqlal Mosque, and H. Mubarok, head of Istiqlal Mosque management.

Good times!

As a career diplomat with a thing for Southeast Asia, Ambassador Marciel must love doing things like this. You can tell by the look of joy on his face.

The mosque visit was staged to mark the Eid Al Fitr festival at the end of the Muslim “holy month” of Ramadan, which takes place this weekend. Maybe the imam took a break from brainwashing the faithful with the usual anti-American conspiracy theories  during the ambassador’s visit.

The current conspiracy theory popular among Indonesian sermon-givers is that the United States deliberately stirred up the ongoing bout of nationalist animosity between Indonesia and Malaysia in order to divide Muslims.

I suppose CIA agents gave the human shit to the Indonesians to hurl at the Malaysian embassy as well.

Judging by the latest mob rampage by Muslims against a foreigner on Lombok island, and the constant menace posed by Islamist extremists to anyone who disobeys Islamic dogma during the “holy period”, and the ongoing threat of Islamist terrorism, non-Muslims would be well advised to lie low this weekend.

Fueling the violent religious insanity that is sweeping the world, a US freakshow Christian group is planning to burn copies of the “holy” Koran on September 11 to mark the anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks. Indonesian extremists have warned of uncontrolled anger if they go through with the threat – answering the allegation that Islam is violent and intolerant by being violent and intolerant. 

Indonesian Christians – no strangers to extremism and nuttiness themselves – have expressed real concerns that they will bear the brunt of that Muslim anger if the freaks in the United States carry out their stupid plan.

So anyway, I might stay home and do some cooking for the next four or five days. Chess, anyone?

But let’s not get too gloomy. At least the new US ambassador isn’t as pathetic as Paul Wolfowitz, the last American big-wig to be photographed in socks:

That really was a “holy day”!

(Photos courtesy of US govt and The Guardian)


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