Paris Hilton to visit Indonesia

Blonde good-for-nothing Paris Hilton is reportedly going to visit Indonesia this weekend to launch her new fashion collection.

Let’s see how long it takes for Islamic hot-heads to protest that she is leading the pious Muslim youth astray. I hope they don’t of course, but this is Indonesia …

Her admirers see her as a “fashion icon, designer and businesswoman”, but religious zealots in Indonesia might prefer to focus on her sexy photo shoots and drug use to drum up a bit of publicity for themselves from the queen of self-promotion.

In their eyes she is an icon of Western depravity and sleaze, rightly or wrongly.

Last year Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa, popularly known as Miyabi, cancelled a film shoot in Indonesia because of threats from religious (Muslim) fanatics.

“Come or not, we continue to reject her,” said Ma’ruf Amin, of the Indonesia Ulema Council, the country’s highest Islamic body. “We will continue to reject her even if she will not be nude.”

In keeping with its do-nothing style, the government didn’t stand up for the filmmakers’ rights or for  Miyabi’s safety. The movie, “Kidnapping Miyabi”, went ahead with the Miyabi scenes (fully clothed) filmed outside Indonesia.

This is a country, after all, that regards its citizens as too immature to watch actors kissing each other on the mouth. They can blow each other up and shoot each other in the head and advertise cigarettes until the cows come home, but no way in hell can they kiss.

Lately, the editor of Indonesia’s defunct Playboy magazine (which published a handful of tame, no-nudity issues in 2006 before it was shut down by Islamic vigilantes) has been forced into hiding because the Supreme Court (no less) ordered he be jailed for indecency.

He didn’t publish a single nude photo but he is on the run facing a jail term for indecency, in a case brought and sustained solely by religious moralisers. Figure that out if you can.

Even so, the organisers of Hilton’s visit don’t seem to be worried at this stage about the reaction from our Islamic moral guardians. Their main concern is “teenagers and women who are more difficult to handle”.

More difficult than what isn’t explained.

(Photo courtesy of Peter Schafermeier via wikimedia commons)


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