News Barbie – that’s a no-brainer!

If you’re tired of TV stations giving you pretty young faces instead of experienced journalists, this one is for you. A journalism bimbo voodoo doll!

Stick her with pins, set her on fire, throw her down the toilet – do whatever it takes to exorcise those demonic thoughts that torment you almost every time you endure a news bulletin from a painted face instead of a journalist.

The manufacturers tell us she’s suitable for girls over three years of age, just like the TV news.  Unlike the real TV news reader, this one comes with a very helpful “choking hazard” warning. Wouldn’t it be nice if the real broadcasters were so considerate?


One response to “News Barbie – that’s a no-brainer!

  1. snoringdogstudio

    Hilarious! Tells so much about how the manufacturers regard women in journalism. When women in the news became more about appearance and sex, I knew we were doomed.

    Great blog. Glad I found it.

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