Fans corner Dashboard Confessional on Facebook

Anti-cancer campaigners one day, tobacco marketers the next: US band Dashboard Confessional is sending pretty confusing messages to its fans about what it is they stand for. And some of those fans are starting to demand answers.

The band’s Facebook page features a plug for the upcoming gig in Jakarta which is being sponsored by a major tobacco company. Tobacco sponsorship is bad enough anywhere it occurs, but in a country like Indonesia it’s absolutely repugnant.

Most of the responses to Dashboard’s Facebook Wall post are typically mindless, but a few of DC’s fans obviously have a conscience and are voicing their concerns:

Confused fans might also like to send Chris Carrabba a Tweet at @ChrisCarrabba. His third last post highlighted his participation in a cancer benefit show in July:

This Saturday hike with me to the top of Pikes Peak & support cancer care! We’ll play some songs at the top! More here:

He links to the Love, Hope, Strength Foundation. So what is it, Chris? You can’t have it both ways. Your fans deserve an answer.

The other US bands participating in the pro-smoking event include The Smashing Pumpkins and MUTEMATH. Here are links to their Facebook pages if you want to make a comment.

(Updated for typo, Oct 8)


One response to “Fans corner Dashboard Confessional on Facebook

  1. Could be possible they are unaware of this sponsorship. Same thing happened to Kelly Clarkson

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