$1 smokes good news for Galaxy 7

Japan’s decision to hike the price of cigarettes couldn’t have been timed better for local band Galaxy 7. The boys are booked to play a pro-tobacco concert next week in Indonesia, where cigarettes are dirt cheap.

Even if, for some strange reason, they don’t smoke themselves, they can stock up and make a “killing” when they get home.

That’s the beauty of living in a country like Indonesia – you can smoke yourself to death and it won’t cost you much over your shortened life. Even so, cigarettes are among the biggest household expenditures for poor Indonesians, ahead of things like health and education.

Galaxy 7 and the folks at Java Ronckin’Land hope to keep it that way. Here’s Galaxy 7’s video to their Indonesian fans:

OK I admit I love that guitar riff. Pity I won’t be going to see the show – not as long as it’s sponsored by a tobacco company.


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