Tobacco ad of the day: smoking as medicine!

Today’s darkly amusing tobacco ad goes out to none other than our favourite “doctor” Greta Zahar, she of “divine cigarette” fame. The esteemed Indonesian “healer” has thoroughly demolished my criticism of her methods, so all I can do is refer you to her website and let you inhale her in her own inimitable words.

Here’s a little sample:

The cigarette advertisement (health warnings) on cigarette boxes is part of the “Nicotine War” program. It is indeed strange that our fathers who were heavy smokers who had many children were obviously not impotent, and we have not heard anybody having lung cancer in their villages, while those who suffer lung cancer are those who have money and amalgam fillings in their teeth.

That’s actually one of the more coherent passages in what is a truly mystifying website. As Craig Brown wrote of the challenge for the parodist who attempts to mock Germaine Greer, Zahar “leaves no room for improvement: it’s perfect as it is”.

PS: The Sydney Morning Herald’s Tom Allard wrote a nice piece about Indonesia’s tobacco habit earlier this month, mentioning Zahar’s invention.


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