About Ravespot

Welcome to my blog. I’m a writer, traveller and general layabout who has lived in seven countries over the past 14 years and visited many more. I’m currently living in Indonesia.

Among other things my travels have brought me face-to-face with religious extremism, conflict, corruption, environmental vandalism, human rights abuses and cultural obstacles to human understanding. Such experiences will inform these pages, along with any other random thoughts and preoccupations that cross my mind.


12 responses to “About Ravespot

  1. nice ravespot… i like your writings.

  2. Just read “A tale of two women, and a torn country.” Love your writing style! I’m a Journalism studying Arabic and international politics, so your writing ventures really interest me! How did you get started as a travel writer?

  3. Very important themes to discuss and blog about! People are generally so close to their own culture or world views that they fail to analyze the ways in which those views may be harmful to the environment or to human understanding. Reality must be digested and value systems must evolve.

  4. hi! i love your writings about indonesia.


  5. Glad to have met another traveler! Check out my blog http://www.offtrackbackpacking.com. We focus mainly on backpacking but it may be of some interest to you!

  6. Hi, interesting commentary albeit one perspective. I look forward to reading more.

  7. itsmejeannette

    I really like the way you write… it’s really nice to read your blog. Are you Indonesian?

  8. Thank you for writing about my father, Greg Luke. I just found out about what has happened and appreciate your insight into the matter. I haven’t been able to find out much about what is going, so thank you for keeping me informed.

  9. snoringdogstudio

    Thank you for writing about the hypocrisy that surrounds big tobacco. Keep up the good fight. @projectfilter

  10. A belated welcome to the Indonesian ‘blogosphere’.

    I like what your perspective and have given you a link .

  11. Please post more often.


  12. Hi there, great writing – love your posts about the tobacco industry in Indonesia. Java Rockin’ Land is happening again 22-24 July, with Gudang Garam the main sponsor. There is a petition urging all the bands involved to demand the sponsorship be dumped, see: http://www.change.org/petitions/tell-international-bands-to-drop-tobacco-sponsorship-in-indonesia. So far, no artist has responded. Yet again, double standards prevail in the lineup: the Good Charlotte frontman is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador and he and his brother have their own children’s foundation; 30 Seconds to Mars are active in environmental causes, and lead singer Jared Leto support Elysium, a charity to support critically ill children; Neon Trees have said they don’t want to be part of tobacco sponsorship and have played at an anti-smoking gig; Ed Kowalczyk is a World Vision rep. Blood Red Shoes have supported a cancer charity, and The Cranberries are well-known for speaking out about political issues. Apparently international bands just dump their principles in a bin before they board a plane to Jakarta. Disgraceful.

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